Frequently Asked Questions



How to post an Ad on Tradehob?

For a new member

You must register first and login to your Tradehob Account

  • Log on to
  • Click on Register link at the top bar
  • On successful registration, enter your login details into the login box

For a registered member

You have to login with your login details, or register as a member if you are new.

  • Click on Post Free Ad button at the top bar (A page where you will enter your product details will load up)
  • Find a category, subcategory and attributes that best describe your product/service
  • Snap and upload your product picture(s) to describe what your ad is about.
  • Click on submit button to publish your ad.

Note: Repeat the steps above to post other products' Ads on Tradehob!



Please I don’t know my username after registration?

  • Open the email you registered with
  • Find a message title Successful Registration on Tradehob in your email
  • Open the message (The message contains your username and a link to login)



How do I recover my password?

  • Click on Login link at the top bar ( You will be directed to the login page)
  • Click on forgotten password.
  • Enter the email you registered on Tradehob,
  • Click the submit button (Immediately a link will be sent to your email account)
  • Open the password recovery message sent to your email account and click the link.
  • Enter your new password and submit the form.
  • Login now with your new password.

Note: In case you could not remember your username or password.



How do I edit an Ad?

  • If you are using a desktop, move your mouse over the Ad (On mobile device, click the space below your advert picture).
  • Click on the edit button that appears. (Once you are through editing your Ad, remember to click on submit.)
  • Click on post button again to publish your Ad on Tradehob.

Note: When you edit an Ad, you have to repost it, which might affect your Ad's position if its currently appearing at the New Entries on Tradehob Homepage.



How do I delete an Ad?

  • If you are using a desktop, move your mouse over the Ad (On mobile device, click the space below your advert picture).
  • Click on the delete button that pop up (It will ask you if you wish to continue.)
  • Click continue to delete the ad or cancel to stop the action.

Note: Ad deleted are not recoverable, so always take caution while deleting an Ad.



How do I update my profile details?

  • Login to your Tradehob Account
  • Click on Manage Ads link at the top bar
  • Click on settings menu on the admin page
  • Click on Profile Link

Shortcut: Click the profile picture on your admin page.



How do I create a custom handle? (@business_name)

See How to update your profile account to learn more.

On the User Profile page

  • Click on Custom Profile Link
  • Enter your custom handle into the box
  • Click on Save

Note: you will only be able to change your custom profile name (Tradehob Handle) after 14 days.



What is Tradehob Handle?

Tradehob Handle is a shortcut used to reference a Seller on Tradehob. Tradehob Handle is also known as  profile custom name.

Tradehob Handle makes it easier for prospects and customers of Sellers to find them with ease on Tradehob, because It is short, clear and easy to remember.

A typical Tradehob handle would look like this: @blueatoms_media

The full URL will also look like:

When a customer types the URL, it takes the customer directly to the particular Seller's Advert page or Seller's store/shop.

Note: You should always create a Tradehob handle that best represents your interest. You may also try to repeat a similar name that you use on your favourite social media on Tradehob.



What is Tradehob Store (Shop)

Tradehob Store/Shop: Is a page on Tradehob that contains all the Ads of products and services that a user published on Tradehob.



Who is a Tradehober?

A Tradehober is someone who is registered as a seller on Tradehob or is someone who is a regular visitor to Tradehob – usually a buyer.



What is tradehobing?

Tradehobing is the act of using Tradehob to promote ones goods and services.



How do I Sell on Tradehob?

To sell on Tradehob is so easy. All you need to do is to register as a member.

For more details follow this link How to post an Ad on Tradehob? For a new member



Where can I use my Tradehob Handle?

You can display your Tradehob handle in so many ways. On prints, your business materials like - flyers, handbills, banners, posters, business card even on your Letter heads. You can also include it on your website pages.



How do I upload Advert picture(s) on Tradehob?

  • Click on the image box
  • Click on the edit icon (An Image Manager dialog box will pop up)
  • Click on upload icon on the Image Manager to upload your pictures (Follow other instructions on the Image Manager).

Note: The maximum size of image allowed is 600KB with expected image dimension of 774 X 774 (px) per image. See the types of Images allowed on Tradehob



What are the types of Images I can upload on Tradehob?

There are only three types of image extensions allowed in Tradehob

  • .png
  • jpeg
  • gif



How do I stylize my product pictures?

On your create Ad page, find the following Icons and click the ones that suites you (It is optional)

Tradehob Stylized Icons

When you post the ad, the end users will see your product pictures based on the number of partitions you chose.



What is a stylized product picture?

A stylized product pictures are pictures you that have been partitioned into segments according to the chosen design. The final rendering will stack up allowing visitors to see several pictures ones. Stylized product pictures will most likely engage more.



Is it possible to create a different folder for my posts?

Yes it is possible.

But always ensure that you create the folder before uploading your pictures, because currently, there is no way you will be able to move around your pictures once your pictures uploaded or used in an Ad.



How do I validate My Tradehob Account?

After registration, an “Am Human Code” with a link will be sent to your email account

  • Copy the code
  • Click on the link
  • Paste the code into the box on Validate Account page
  • Click submit

A congratulatory message will be sent to your email account, if your code is correct. It means that your account is valid and will increase your credibility.

In case you have not received any “Am Human Code” on your email,


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